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About us

The philosophy of the brand is to provide customers with crispy and fluffy pizza and the highest quality service.

PIZZZZA is special because the dough is left to rise for 24 hours under constant temperature and humidity control. As a result, the dough has a fine texture, is fluffy, easy to digest and has an intense aroma and flavour. All pizzzzas are baked on a hot stone at a high temperature, which makes it fluffy and nicely crispy on the surface. The ingredients on our pizzzzas are carefully selected and meet the high standards of our customers.

Unique care and attention is given to each pizzzza, especially the hand decorating and shaping, so the pizza not only looks good but also has a higher edge that is beautifully crispy.

The whole process from dough production, through hand decorating and baking of pizzzza creates a unique product for you, our customers.